The Venice Beach Skirt is available!

Now on, this this skirt! As discussed in our what can we find out about the clothes? post, the white dress in the Venice Beach Clip was one of several pieces owned by Genevieve Grazis, all based on the same pattern. This seven-gored, 4 plus yards of fabric, skirt has the same beautiful twirls as the dress, and feels like a dream to wear! It’s sized for a natural waist, but if you’re short like me, or want the classic high waist, just go down one size from your regular size. I’m a large, but I wear this in a medium. The rayon is super forgiving, so don’t be afraid! The three side buttons will secure the wide waistband, but don’t go down past the hips, so it’s best to put this skirt on over your head. It’s available in both solids and several prints that coordinate with Loco Lindo tops. I’m wearing the Tea-Timer below, with the neck folded over for a button-up v-neck short sleeved look. I also love the 40’s style Camp shirt with this, and the luxurious long sleeved Babaloo wrap top.

Also, this is my serious twirl-testing face.

And here’s Nikki Marvin of Atomic Ballroom, having a lot of fun in the skirt and Babaloo top!

4 thoughts on “The Venice Beach Skirt is available!

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  1. YAY!!!!! I was looking through the website and didn’t see any solid color options – do you know if these sold out already or are not added yet to the website? Thanks and love –Sarah ❤


    1. Thanks! There is a solid black satin with a slight stretch, but may not be on the site yet, and a beautiful non- stretch french blue satin is on the way. I recommend contacting Loco Lindo directly to inquire about those and other upcoming options. I hope this info is helpful!


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