Q#7 How can I wear the Venice Beach Dress?

After watching the Venice Beach Clip and the interview on Swungover*, I’m sure you’re all daydreaming about wearing the perfect dance dress- I know I am. That’s why I have teamed up with vintage reproducer and local LA designer Loco Lindo to bring Genevieve’s dress to the dance world- and her favorite skirt.

As mentioned in our previous article on the clothing’s design, the Venice Beach Dress and the other costumes were likely all based on the same design. The purple skirt with the green hand stitched hem and multiple repairs has the same fabulous gored panels and twirling ability. I am convinced by Lindyshopper’s trumpet skirt crusade and the very worn state of Genevieve’s skirt, that all dancers need the perfect skirt. This is the one we have been looking for.

Now, as Kate Hedin can tell you, the original Venice Beach Dress, while lovely, poses it’s own dance challenges. The satin is thick, doesn’t breathe and doesn’t want to move with your body. That’s not a dress we’re all going to enjoy dancing in over and over again. Linda, the owner of Loco Lindo, and I are going to try a few different satins and rayons, to bring you a dress that is both authentic and a delight to move in. When will this happen? Cutting, sewing and fitting the first sample is underway. Within the next month, I’ll have an update on how the process is going!

VBD designs

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